5 quick facts about Wad Free on Shark Tank

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Cyndi Bray is an entrepreneur. On the ABC hit show on November 5, 2021, she brought her company Wad Free and its products to the sharks in the "Shark Tank" to see if she can make them A shark invested in her company.

The synopsis of the episode reveals that "a native of Denver, Colorado, she introduced her game-changing laundry gadget to prevent bedding from tangling, twisting, and pilling."

The entrepreneur recommended her company to OG Sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec and Daymond John.

Here is what you need to know about Wad Free on "Shark Tank":

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Cyndi Bray, founder of Heavy and Wad Free, talked about her inspiration for the company. She told us that she bought a new energy-efficient washing machine and dryer and was happy to do her part to reduce her carbon footprint. There is only one problem. Her bed sheets are constantly turning into twisted fabric ropes in the washing machine and dryer, which require multiple washing and drying to clean. Bray thinks this is a waste of time and energy-hers and the earth.

There is nothing on the market that can solve this common problem. This is a very common problem. Bray’s research shows that 89% of people end up with twisted sheets in washing machines and dryers, she said in an interview with Heavy.

Bray sat in front of the washing machine and dryer, looking at her sheets through the glass door. She was determined to figure out why they were distorted. "I'm trying to figure out the physics behind it," Bray told Heavy.

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After Cindy Bray was sitting in the washing machine and dryer looking at her sheets, in her words, "they are stubbornly stuffing them", a light bulb sounded in her mind. She went to Home Depot to purchase supplies, took out the sewing machine and started making prototypes. She tried it, but failed.

So she went back to the drawing board, took more supplies, and tried a different concept. efficient. In an interview with Heavy, Bray told us that she tried on front-mounted washing machines and overhead washing machines. She tested her concept over and over again. efficient.

Bray knew she was doing something and needed to figure out how to mass produce it. She taught herself CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design professional templates for Wad Free.

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Bray knew she had to protect her thoughts. So she went through the process of obtaining Wad Free patents. She found a factory in Colorado that can produce her products. She looked for and found a place where she could make custom plastic models of her design.

Bray himself built Wad Free from the ground up. She designed the product within 14 months, found the best resources to make it, designed the logo, packaging, website, and made all the videos herself within 14 months, she told Heavy.

She launched Wad Free in June 2020. She told her friends and family. Word of mouth became popular. "I applied to show Wad Free on Grommet.com. They will thoroughly test the product before accepting it on the website and only accept 2% to 3% of the product submitted to them. When they accept Wad Free, their dreams come true. Wad Free made its debut on Grommet in early November 2020. Within three weeks, Wad Free became one of the best-selling products on the site. Since then, the media has heard about it and the buzz has been increasing ," Bray told Heavy.

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During the pandemic, everyone's situation becomes more difficult, but for people like Cyndi Bray who launch products and companies during COVID-19, the challenges continue to increase. She has encountered many supply chain problems that companies and industries are currently facing.

Wad Free’s plastic molds were delayed for several months. This in turn delayed the release and application of Grommet. She told Heavy that she once ran out of products because the plastic factory she found to produce Wad Free products had been closed several times due to the coronavirus outbreak among employees.

Even though the situation is returning to a more normal state, Bray found that the factory she worked with also had labor shortages. COVID-19 delayed her entire process.

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In an interview with Heavy, Cyndi Bray admitted that he has been a fan of Shark Tank since the first season. She said: "I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and found the'Shark Tank' very inspiring. I never thought I would show the sharks on the carpet of the tank."

She also admitted that because she had been watching "Shark Tank" for many years, she felt that the shark was already her mentor to some extent. After Grommet accepted, she thought she would try the "Shark Tank". So she applied.

She said a lot of things happened in the water tank during the filming. "This is an amazing experience," Bray said. "Everyone there wants you to succeed-from the shark to the driver to the makeup artist." She also admitted to suffering from what she called "tank amnesia." She can't remember what happened in her speech. She said, "I keep thinking,'Do I really say that or just think I say that.'"

"Showing Wad Free on'Shark Tank' is a dream come true," Bray told Heavy.

A lot of things happened in the tank. Tank amnesia. Can't remember what actually happened. This is amazing. From sharks to drivers to makeup artists, everyone wants you to succeed.