Veterinary drugs for cat friends.The advice of Dr. Gianfranco Fallacara, pharmacist – Noi Brugherio

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What are the veterinary drugs for our cat friends?The health column is dedicated this week to animal lovers and especially cats.We previously talked about medicines for dogs, now we are tackling the cat chapter again with the contribution and professionalism in the field of Dr. Gianfranco Fallacara, collaborating pharmacist both at the Municipal Pharmacy 2 in Piazza Togliatti and at the Municipal Pharmacy 1 in Piazza Giovanni.

The previous time we dealt with the faithful dogs, we continue with the animals and move on to the instinctive cats. Gentacalm For Humans

Veterinary drugs for cat friends.The advice of Dr. Gianfranco Fallacara, pharmacist – Noi Brugherio

Even for them it is worth recommending them to be vaccinated by the vet against rhinotracheitis and calcivirosis, diseases caused by viruses that give rise to a sort of cold with inflammation affecting the nose, mouth, eyes and trachea, and against chlamydiosis and panleukopenia, also called viral gastroenteritis because it causes vomiting and diarrhea.Unfortunately there are also infections for which very little can be done such as feline immunodeficiency which resembles human aids, such as infectious peritonitis with the cat losing weight, is anorexic …..

So they get a lot of infections.And is there also the risk of contagion for humans?

The cat can transmit mycosis, toxoplasmosis, scratch disease, salmonella, bordetella by oral route, ascariasis by contact with faeces, etc.For this reason, anyone dealing with a cat must wash their hands often and create a healthy environment;however, it is advisable to avoid that the cat comes into contact with immunosuppressed people, with pregnant women and with people allergic to hair and above all to its saliva.

What are the problems that most affect cats and for which their owners turn to you at the pharmacy?

Cats licking themselves have the habit of digesting their hair, which ending up in the stomach can create an obstruction that gives rise to vomiting.In this case it is customary to administer a complementary feed based on malt, vitamins and emulsifiers.

There are also cases of intestinal parasitosis, i.e. worms such as roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms (the same ones we dealt with in the previous interview on dogs) for which the vet prescribes Pyrantel-based oral medicines, alone or in combination with Niclosamide.With these drugs, two treatments are usually carried out 20 days apart in order to kill the surviving larvae.

The annoying problem of the cat in heat can be solved even without sterilization;in fact, a progestin is available to the veterinarian for controlling estrus in the cat.

And remembering the previous article on the dog, it is necessary to prevent ticks and fleas from nesting on the fur…

Right, and that's why pharmacies sell Fipronil-based vials and sprays for which there is no requirement for a veterinary prescription.

What is needed for infections?

For infections of the respiratory tract (including the lung) for the salivary and mammary glands and for skin infections caused by clostridium, streptococcus, staphylococcus, chlamydia, rickettsia, toxoplasma etc. the vet often prescribes antibiotics such as Spiramycin in association with Metronidazole.Enrofloxacin is another broad-spectrum antibiotic prescribed for respiratory, genitourinary and gastrointestinal disorders.

Cats are often restless and sometimes too independent… what can you do?

We realize that the cat is stressed because he urinates to mark his territory, is tense and tends to make vertical scratches.To avoid this, pheromone diffusers can be purchased at the pharmacy, which are a sort of "smell-hormone".At the same time, a complementary feed based on maltodextrin and casein can be administered orally.

I imagine that they meet the classic diseases of us men such as pain and rheumatism with the advance of age.

Yes of course, but they can't stand many anti-inflammatory drugs.They therefore tolerate few drugs such as Meloxicam, present in formulations for veterinary use.On the other hand, the use of Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid is not recommended in cats (the latter having a half-life 7 times greater in cats than in humans can give phenomena due to accumulation).Furthermore, for these pathologies, cortisone drugs can be dispensed in the pharmacy, but only upon presentation of a veterinary prescription.

Against feline uremic syndrome, i.e. the accumulation of stones, foods rich in salts, especially magnesium, should be avoided, thus disproving the belief that fish is always recommended for cats.

We never give dog food because it lacks an amino acid such as taurine whose deficiency can cause blindness and heart dilation.

Since the cat is carnivorous, let's also provide him with foods rich in proteins, but let's not give him so many carbohydrates because he can develop diabetes and above all ... let's not give him chocolate, because it contains theobromine which is not metabolized by his body.

To aid digestion, we can give him catnip, parsley, cumin, rosemary… and if our cat friend suffers from asthenia and lack of appetite, let's also give him supplements recommended by the vet containing vitamin B.

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Veterinary drugs for cat friends.The advice of Dr. Gianfranco Fallacara, pharmacist – Noi Brugherio

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