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2021-11-13 06:41:57 By : Mr. Cloude Zhang

Since 1997, Harmon Pac Ave has been providing delicious food and a warm atmosphere to the South Sound community. Moreover, with a series of restaurants including Harmon Pac Ave, Hub Gig Harbor and Spice Lab, you have many opportunities to try a variety of bold flavors.

In addition, the updated menu and interesting activities should make you want to come back again and again. Whether you are here for a business lunch, a date night, or an evening with friends and family, here is what you expect.

Harmon Pac Ave has a new menu that includes updated dishes and old favorites.

“We provide satisfaction and smile through delicious food, including burgers, homemade soups and fresh salads, beer battered Alaskan cod and our famous garlic parmesan fries,” said Harmon Pac Ave.

Some popular items include Harmon cheeseburgers, fish and chips, and hot snacks. You can also find unique dishes such as elk and horseshoe cakes and ice cream sandwiches made with butter pecan biscuits.

In addition to the delicious Harmon menu, Spice Lab opened in a corner of Harmon Pac Ave in March, featuring local ingredients, as well as spices and flavors from all over the world.

"When I started playing with this idea, I wanted to create a profile that didn't belong to any particular region or cuisine, but I just started to build my own new American based on this pantry and the spice ideas you might find Good food," executive chef Blake Lord-Wittig told Dine Pierce County.

One menu option might include grilled steak with smoked paprika, sweet corn polenta, fried shallots and dandelions. Chocolate and salted caramel mousse desserts may feature spiced pecans, burnt black figs, and whipped cream. This creativity in the kitchen allows Lord-Wittig to use food as a bridge between culture and community.

He said on his website: "I am very happy to help build an even more incredible dining experience, which helps to heal, rebuild and enrich our industry, our hospitality community, and our past and future customers. "

Under the new ownership and management, Harmon Pac Ave focuses on the community and creates a culture of leaders for its employees. The most important part of an enterprise is people, including customers and employees.

"For me, Harmon should be a comfortable experience-a warm atmosphere, truly knowledgeable service, delicious food and drinks," said owner Eric Powers.

The knowledgeable service is possible in part because Spice Lab can be used as a teaching platform for employees.

"I am passionate about our crew having an environment in which they can succeed and grow with the company," said operating partner Nathan Vaughn. "The catering industry is known for allowing people to start as a dishwasher or owner and grow into an owner. We are true to this idea and encourage it."

The company also supports communities by cooperating with charities, organizing fun events that bring people together, and creating welcoming environments in all of its locations. This includes regular invitations to local musicians, as announced on the Harmon Pac Ave Facebook page.

For more information, to view the menu, or to place an order for self-pickup or delivery, please visit HarmonPacAve.com.

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