10L stainless steel ultrasonic laboratory vibration ultrasonic cleaning machine

10L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Laboratory Vibration Ultrasonic Washer JP-040(manual knobs, 10L, 2.6gallon)(with Timer & Heater adjustable) Skymen Ultrasonic Cleaner, ultrasonic bath, laboratory ultrasonic cleaner, medical ultrasonic cleaner,industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine What\'s an "Ultrasound&quo

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10L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Laboratory Vibration Ultrasonic Washer 

JP-040(manual knobs, 10L, 2.6gallon)
(with Timer & Heater adjustable) 
Skymen Ultrasonic Cleaner, ultrasonic bath, laboratory ultrasonic cleaner, medical ultrasonic cleaner,
industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine


What's an "Ultrasound"?

Under ultrasound is commonly understood sound waves whose frequency is above the threshold of human hearing (in the range of 16 kHz - 1 GHz). 
In addition, you can generate ultrasound with much higher energy, ie, much "louder" than the audible sound. In the use of ultrasound technology distinguish the weak signal (test materials, medical supplies, diagnostics) and high-intensity ultrasound, such as ultrasound for cleaning, ultrasonic welding. 
Applied to liquid media ultrasound has found application in the so-called effect of "ultrasonic cavitation." This effect is used as a basis in the ultrasonic cleaning device.


What are the advantages of ultrasound over traditional cleaning methods?

Compared with traditional methods of ultrasonic cleaning allows you to:

  •   minimize the use of manual labor
  •   make cleaning and degreasing without the use of organic solvents
  •   clean hard to reach areas of products and remove all types of dirt
  •   shorten the processes such as extraction, dispersion, purification, chemical reactions
  •   eliminates costly mechanical and chemical cleaning of heat exchangers


Shining image for household and personal use after clean:

1.Printer inkjet-heads, seals, ancient coins, badges, valves, machine nozzles,

2.Silverware. bronze ware, antiques, Jewelry, rings, diamond, bracelets, watches

3.eyeglasses, sunglasses, optical lenses, tattoo instruments, and piercing.

4. shaver head, razors, dentures, combs, toothbrushes, and dining appliance. 

5.Baby nipples, baby feeder bottles, tableware, fruit, vegetables



1.Use just tab water, or industrial alcohol and solvent cleaner for more higher cleaning requirement

2. timer and heating control, easy operation with manual knobs

3. temperature tunable from 20 to 80°C

4.Power supply can be either AC 100 ~ 120V or AC 220 ~ 240V

5.industrial control chip microcontroller.flexible circuit boards control, more secure & stable

6.Water exit valve: have(from 10L capacity)

7.Stainless steel basket is optional 



Tank size300*240*150mm
Unit size375*265*275mm
Package size435*360*350mm
Materialstailess steel 304
Timer0~30 minutes
Power supplyAC 100 ~ 120V, 50 / 60Hz
AC 220 ~ 240V, 50 / 60 Hz
CertificateCE, RoHS, FCC, ISO9001
Warranty1 year and life-time technical support
N.W. / G.W.7.3KG / 8.4KG

10L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Laboratory Vibration Ultrasonic Washer10L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Laboratory Vibration Ultrasonic Washer

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